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Damp on internal wall

hi i have damp on my wall up to 5 ft high the paint is flaking off and i cant see a problem with the out side wall and i have on pipes near it.

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could be a lot of differant reasons why water is getting into the house. your best bet is post it inthe damp section on the site and get a local expert round to assatain your best solution/cost


Answered 21st Nov 2012

Many people will give you advise on how to damp proof your house and also charge a fortune to do it, But 90% of the damp problems with a house are caused by the cavity's being bridged (old mortar, muck between inside and outside walls). I would remove a brick at low level and see what's inside (drag out any muck from the cavity ). Dave


Answered 22nd Nov 2012

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