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Blowing plaster,staining , damp feeling and a musty smell

We had our lounge re-plastered six months ago, the walls were PVA'd prior to plastering and once the plaster had turned a very light shade of pink I was told to put a sealing coat of pva mixed with water prior to painting. All seemed well for a couple of months then small areas started blowing. Removed blown plaster and made up with filler, sanded down and repainted. Now staining has appeared in the corner and I have noticed whilst trying to paint the walls with a stain preventer that other small areas are blowing and the corner feels cold,dampish and smells musty. I have spoken to the plasterer about this and he said it may be a damp problem but, I have looked outside and have lifted the carpets and the wooden flooring is dry and no apparent cracking of the outside walls. I have spoken to the builder who used the plasterer and told him that the plaster appeared to be very thinly spread over the walls,but the plasterer said it was to even the walls outand doesn't seem interested. The corner of the room does not look very nice. Should I cut my losses and look for another/better plasterer.

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Hi there, i would highly recommend you fetch the plaster off the wall that has blown away, sometime the pva mix isn`t srong enough to adhere the skim to the wall, did the plasterer put 2 coats of pva on the wall prior to plastering, also using carlite bonding to fill the wall out prior to a skim coat would help, i also recommend you use a product which has been on the market for a number of years now, i should think most plasterers know of it, (Thistle Bond It) is the product although expensive its very very good and reliable, i suggest re-plaster using this instead of pva. If you need any more help don`t hesitate to contact me.
Iain Burgess
I B Wet & Dry plastering.


Answered 21st Nov 2012

Hi The truth is you wont ever fix the problem from inside whatever you do .
the wall outside needs to be fixed with professional damp course company or professional builder not plasterer.New plaster,not going to fix the problem or any sealer or lining paper .You can stop it for a wile .
See the position of the wall if the rain is effecting to much .
I know one thing if your walls are thick and don by professional from the bottom to the top inc insulation and so on ,there wont be any problem .


Answered 21st Nov 2012

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