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No gas cert after boiler fitting

I had a new boiler fitted 7 months ago and still waiting for Gas certificate.
The Gas engineer promised me few times to do it but nothing happened and now don't pick up the phone. I have his details but wonder what I can do push him up. Thanks for help.

Thaks "PJP plumbing" for advice, I will check it soon as need to get his card number, hope he is registered.
I understand that's half of success.
Why he is not issue the cert? Is he need to pay some extra for it or any other reason? What to do?
Thank you.

I have checked with Gas safe and he is register (that's good).
Still haven't receive the cert. He always says to me different excuse and that he just done it, so just need wait few days and it will come. Obviously nothing coming, don't know the reason for that and don't know what to do.
Please help.
Thank you.

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update - you could phone gas safe and explain the situation. Registering the appliance is not some sort of obligation its a requirement. Gas safe should do something about it, that is what we believe they are there for. I pay a hell of a lot of money to this crowd to be able to trade and i have to pay again to keep the tickets. If they say theres nothing they can do let us know. Because i want to know why i bother to spend time and energy complying with the regulations. And so would any other gas safe registered installer.

Check his details with Gas Safe. He may well not be registered, and if not when you want to sell your house you will have problems.

I pay £4-50. to register an appliance. You do not need his number to check him out, just phone or log on & put his trading name in, or post code area, just the first bit will do, Then all the gas safe registered people will come up.

The only justifiable reason to legitimately not register an appliance is if you are not registered and working illegally.



Answered 11th Dec 2012

trading standards


Answered 13th Jan 2013

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