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Slightly uneven floor and laying laminate

We have have just laid a laminate floor in our lounge. Aware that the condition of the subfloor is important we spent a long time checking it with a large spirit level and large plank etc and found that it was in reasonably good condition, there was a small section close to the radiator which bowed everso slighty but according to what we had ready about the underlay we were using, it seemed that this shouldn't be a problem. Having now laid the floor on the 5mm fibreboard underlay we seem to have a small section which is slighty bouncy / softer under foot - near the radiator. We have left at least 10mm expansion gap around the room so can only presume that the underlay isn't balancing out the small dip in the floor.

We have considered putting down ply but are worried that to get something strong enough to flatten the flooring we would need something quite thick. The laminate and underlay are already adding 15mm to the hight of the flooring already so we'd rather not do that. In addition, having looked for supplies it seems this could add quite a lot of extra expense to the job we are already struggling to afford.

As it is a small section of the room we wondered if we could simply put something under the flooring in that area to level it out slightly - perhaps some of the thinner foam underlay? It is a first floor maisonette with wooden chipboard sheets so we presume one of the self leveling compounds couldn't be used? It would be really helpful if someone could suggest a fix for this that is cheap but able to sort the issue so we get the best out of our lovely new flooring.

Thanks inadvance for any assistance.

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Why don"t you cut the small section of flooring out and replace with a new section.If not you can always plane the bump in the floor.


Answered 29th Nov 2012

You can use the leveling compound or rapid flex floor tile adhesive to fill the void but you have to paint the ply wood with PVA beforehand twice and let it dry. If you have got any gaps between the ply sheets you can stick the good old Duct tape. A bit of the cowboy method but it worked in my house. Try to avoid walking on it for at least 24h. I know the relief feeling when the floor stops bouncing. GOOD LUCK!


Answered 24th Oct 2013

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