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4490w oven

Can I connect a double oven with load of 4490 watts to a 2.5mm t&e cable run direct from consumer unit via 20 amp d.p switch and connected to 20amp mcb?

I know that 4490 watts is 19.5 amps but reason for my question is installation guide says to run a 4mm but as kitchen has recently been fitted this is not practical to run in a new cable,

Thanks for the reply,I know but reason I'm asking is it is not as simple to install the new cable and technically speaking a 2.5mm can handle upto 27a but would the 20 amp mcb hold the 19.5a load without nusence tripping

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Your calculations are correct (4490 /230 = 19.52A) but you should always follow manufacturers guidelines.

The breaker will not trip at 20A, it would be over 20A, how much over will depend on which type of breaker it is.

As electricians we are trained to follow manufacturers guidelines strictly. I strongly advise you NOT to use 2.5mm cable.

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Answered 20th Nov 2012

Current demand for your cooker is 12.86A.


Answered 24th Nov 2012

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