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Enhance tree stump rotting

I have 50 conifers that I am intending to cut down, trunks are about 12 inches across, I am happy to leave the roots in the ground to saw a mess , if cut off at ground. Is there a way to enhance the rotting process please,



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Dan .There are wood decay fungus that you can get on the internet which will speed the decaying process .make sure you get a fungi that loves conifers.All the best bishopswood tree surgeons


Answered 19th Nov 2012

Cut a 3cm slice (cap) from the top of the stump, then either cut a ring around the cambium layer or cut a lattice into the top of the stump. Carefully pour in some Ammomium Sulphamate (available online) then nail the cap back on like a lid. This will accelerate the rotting process and your stumps should be easily kicked apart after 6 months or so.

Hope this helps!

Rich - Green Planet Tree Services


Answered 15th Jan 2013

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