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My newly plastered ceiling has fallen down. who is to blame ?

I have just had my newly plastered ceiling fall down. It was artexed and I wanted a plain ceiling. The plasterer did the job and the painter/dec painted it the following day. When I rang the plasterer he said that it should not have been painted so soon. The painter told me that the plasterer said it was ok to paint it the following day as it would be dry enough. I do not know who is telling the truth, or what to do about this.

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The next day is too soon to paint really.This isnt the reason for the plaster coming off though.I never plaster over artex unless the client insists (to save money) and even then,i explain that it DOESNT always take.If this was explained,then it is your fault.If the plasterer said it would 100% be ok,then it is down to him.


Answered 18th Nov 2012

Painter should not have painted it the next day i do not think it would be dry enough a good painter knows when they can paint new plaster but this would not make the skim come down its the plasterers responsibility unless the artex has come off with the skim which would be just bad luck for you as it would not have been known unless it was peeling before


Answered 18th Nov 2012

I prepped the ceiling with bond, what trisha failed to mention was that she had a decorator in who painted over my bond by mistake and she never told me (unil it fell down and we were scratching our heads)! So now whos fault is it?


Answered 28th Nov 2012

Hi Trisha, sorry to hear about your ceiling. Newly plastered Ceilings should always be left atleast 2-3 days before painting to give it plenty of time to dry, obviously drying times will vary but i would usually say 2-3 days as a general guide.
Sounds like neither one will own up to who said what or who got what wrong but either way it sounds like the problem is with your old artex ceiling and something your plasterer missjudged or got wrong and nothing to do with the painter.
Before plastering old artex there are a few preperation measures to be undertaken first - the main one is to use the correct adhesive for the type of surface of the ceiling to ensure the plaster adhears to it, using the wrong adhesive can cause the plaster to fall off, also if none is used atall the plaster will fall off aswell. My guess is one of these has happened, either not enough adhesive has been used or a very watered down mixture possibly.
Unfortunatly unless your plasterer is willing to return and re-plaster the ceiling (which he should FREE OF CHARGE) then your only option is to hire someone else and start from scratch

Kind regards, James (JWPlastering)


Answered 18th Nov 2012

Hi trisha sounds like ceiling was not coated with pva solution prior to artex cover in the first place ,& / or a pva coating before skim coat hence both coatings have lost there bond hpoe this helps regards kevin


Answered 20th Nov 2012

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