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Joist hangers or timber wall plate

i am looking at putting a wooden floor in my garage. the garage is attached to the side of the house.
As for fitting flooring joists, what would the experts out there recommend I do. Do i retro fit joist hangers into the brick work or instal a timber wall plate for the joists to sit on.
the reason for fitting the floor is that I have a tandem garage with a 14" difference in height between front and back and converting into gym/ utility room. Head room is not an issue (nearly 10 feet).

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I would fit a wall plate and fix joists with joist hangers. Also support the middle of the span with a vented block work wall. This will stiffen up the floor especially if your using it as a gym.


Answered 21st Nov 2012

i would fit a suspended ground floor honey comb walls and joists sitting on them would need to fit air vents low level to


Answered 18th Nov 2012

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