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What is the disadvantage of having a main sewer located within my property ?

Hi, I,m buying a 1930 built house,The property is connected to a shared drainage system which then discharges into the main sewer which is located on the side of my semi-detached house.
my question is what is the disadvantage of having this located within my property & would it be a problem if i wanted to do an extension or when i needed to sell the property in the future.

Many Thanks

2 Answers from MyBuilder Plumbers

When it blocks up to the top where will it go, and where will the stink go.
Also when it blocks access to rod it will be required.
I have seen water pressure blow a sewer cover lid up, not a pretty sight. Most people who incorperate a sewer man hole in their property seem to floor over and hope for the best, pretending its not there. Not recomended.


Answered 19th Nov 2012

Dont let it put you off, there is always a way around drainage when doing an extension


Answered 17th Dec 2013

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