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Advice required - 2 bed flat, all electric - best options?

We have a 2 bed small flat, all electric. Bills are very high. Immersion heater/tank for the water + storage heaters for heating. 2 elec meters in the cupboard and 2 large fuse boxes. Need advice as to the best way forward before we throw good money after bad. Any suggestions as to how we can get a survey done of the flat by an unbiased, but qualified electrician/heating engineer?

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Hi. If you heat with electric, and intend on keeping it this way, then you will pay the same rate per unit used (kWh), no matter what system you use. The key therefore in reducing your fuel bill is to take measures to reduce wasted energy and also dependant on budget use a different system to the one you have now.
For starters, insulating where possible will make a large difference, starting with the loft if you have one, and also making enquiries to cavity wall insulation if you indeed have a cavity. This is always the starting point to cutting fuel bills/emissions.
Now for the heating/hot water system. You could use a little electric boiler for underfloor heating or wall heating which uses flow temperatures of 45 degrees which will cut your bills heavily. You could go for an air to water heat pump which will provide approx 3 'free' units of heat for every 1 you pay for. There are electric combi boilers available tosave on using emersion heaters for your water storage. If you prefer to stick with a store of hot water your current one may be poorly insulated??
In summary, units of electricity are very costly, and if getting a gas meter installed is not an option, then paying to get the system right at the start usually pays back quick.


Answered 2nd May 2011

you can get a fuel switching grant of £280 towards going onto gas


Answered 2nd May 2011

post your job and do research on what advice you are given.


Answered 2nd May 2011

Hi there , the comments by sunshine & union are both valid . There are various possibilities however initial capital costs are high for any of the systems bar storage heaters and an efficient hot water cylinder . Personally I would first consider your budget and go with the one which would have the least running cost. The size of the rooms, insulation ,etc all comes into play. Hope that helps.


Answered 8th May 2011

Firstly I would say, have you got economy 7 for your electric as the storage heaters heat up at night and release heat during the day. possibly heating your hot water early in the morning whilst the economy 7 is in action, although this will mean not having a bath during the day as you will have no hot water for rest of day and the water will be cold at night so no baths at night.

Now if you money to spend then a combi boiler would be the best option, these use gas/oil and are cheaper then electric. Modern boilers are 95% efficient meaning that the boiler heats up faster and the gas/oil is on for less time.

And finnaly if you have a lot of money I would reccommend solar panels and ground source heat pump, the electric that you don't use during the summer is sent to the electricity board and you get paid for each unit, this will then go towards the winter heating. you could use this with your current system or also have a combi boiler installed. There are goverment grants available to help you get these installed and it is relatively cheap in comparison to how much you will save over the years.


Jason Al-mosawi

Union Plumbing Maintenance


Answered 3rd May 2011

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