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Power flushing

I have had a load of trouble with my boiler since moving in 4 years ago. I was covered by Homeserve until recently but cancelled my policy after they said that I would need a power fluch costing ove £500 which was not covered in the Policy. The radiators are working ok apart from one in the front room. The pipes are 10mm or 12mm. But the main problem is the hot water gets hot for a few seconds then goes tepid. Will a power flush cure the problem?? I cant afford a new boiler but need to get water temp fixed. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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hi , first of all did they test your water in the rads?
your radiator water should be within 10 percent of your drinking water you can test this with a tds meter.
what coulor is the water from your rads when you bleed them ?

it might need power flushing but then it could just be a sticky TRV

if your in the southwest we can do a survey on your central heating water free of charge.

hope this helps abit



Answered 17th Nov 2012

home serve overpriced scammers, pay a proper tradesman, then you won't be told a load of rubbish.


Answered 17th Nov 2012

There are far cheaper ways of cleaning a system, and secondly you are assuming that the powerflush is done properly. A big assumption in my opinion. I have just removed radiators powerflushed 2 weeks ago by a major player in the industry and the water was black. Powerflushing is over-rated.

Your problem may be far simpler, it depends on how the rest of the system works.


Answered 17th Nov 2012

Do you have a combi boiler, if so this could be the direct hot water heat exchanger. It could be scaled up, this would give you the hot water problem. With regards to the central heating this could be a balancing problem due to the pipe sizing. If you just close all other rad valves and open fully the rad valve on the smallest bore pipe work and see if the rad gets hot. If this is the case then just gradually go back and open other rads at quarter turn at a time to try to balance the system.

Hope this helps

Gareth Regan
GR Plumbing


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

If your system is scaled up power flushing is the first thing to do but obviously needs doing properly with magnetic filters and boiler de scaling then fit a magna clean and fill up with chemicals, unfortunately some people in the game don't do it right, but don't underestimate power flushing


Answered 10th Feb 2013

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