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Do i need to use cross lined wallpaper in a new build

I would like to have some feature walls done in wallpaper in my new build property. The walls are currently painted in the standard water based paint used in new builds. Do I need to prime the walls first and cross line with a lining paper? Or can I paper directly on the painted surface?

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If the wall's are sound and the plaster is not fresh you can paper directly onto the wall's follow the instructions on the wall paper and the paste and will be fine.


Answered 16th Nov 2012

Hi, no need to line the walls if the surface is good...but make sure you 'size' the walls first. 'Size' is runny wallpaper paste...dilution rate will be on the packet of solvite paste or such like. By applying size and allowing it to dry, makes hanging the wallpaper much easier. If you don't size the walls first they will be very porous (thirsty) so when you put your pasted wallpaper up, the thirsty walls will stuck your paste straight into the walls, not allowing you to slip and slide your paper perfectly into place. But if you size the walls they will no longer be thirsty and so your pasted wallpaper will slip and slide easily into your joins will be almost invisible and you'll look like a pro!
Happy hanging.

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Answered 19th Apr 2017

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