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Leaking from kitchen ceiling when have showers

the shower was fitted in May/june time this year, it was start leaking in July/august time when people start live in, the builder suggested there might be a block. so we used the sink/bath unblocker to unblock it. but then the water pulled down from ceiling, the builder said we have blowed the shower joint away. the builder then came and put the joint back. few week after we can see the ceiling is leaking again. can anyone advise?

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You have a problem with the shower waste or even the sealing around the shower tray, if you don't get this fixed the kitchen ceiling will start to bow then come down.


Answered 27th Nov 2012

Hi, sorry to say but you got to get it fitted properly even if this means taking out and starting again get a few quotes from good plumbers, best wishes Colin.


Answered 27th Nov 2012

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