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180m2 flat roof repairs needed

Hi Can anyone help. We currently have 180m2 of flat roof which has sprung a leak, it has been designed to allow pedestrian access and therefore is covered in paving flags with pebbles around the edges. It would appear that the paving flags have made the roof sag preventing it from draining properly, I have had advice that all the paving needs to be lifted the roof dried, apply bitumen to areas which have sunk then paint on Acrypol reinstate the paving. My concerns are that the roofers have quoted only 19m2 which seems very cheap for this job. Can anyone confirm whether what they are proposing is suitable and whether they are likely to be cutting corners. The roof is about 12 years old, I'd rather it to last another 12 years and not look for a quick short term fix.
Many thanks in advance.

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Your only real solution for a permanent fix is to remove the flags and use fibreglass. Two layers of 450 csm, this can be tiled over or decked - 25 year guarantee - though 180m2 would be expensive.


Answered 15th Nov 2012

if the paving slabs are sagging this is a weight problem and any repair replacing the slabs is not going to work. fibre glass would work but would need walk pads in place as the fibreglass will become very slippy in the winter,whitout looking at the job/problems it is not really possible to give a solution.
best bet is post it in the roofing section of the site and get a few local experts round to asses and quote for the best solution/cost but would realistically be looking at thousands rather than hundreds.

good luck alex


Answered 16th Nov 2012

Your solution to remove and dry the roof area will not work without first making sure the sub structure is sound.
My advice would be to have a company round to inspect the property in question and get them to quote for a solution that includes making sure the roof is structurally strong enough to take the excess weight of slabs/walk pads etc.
GRP is a strong option for a good fix, but cost to you may be prohibitive.
Thermotex Coatings, Broadstairs, Kent


Answered 19th Nov 2013

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