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Hi There,
I have recently received several quotes for a full bathroom refit for labour only, each quote for labour varies slightly & all quotes include a labourer as part of the quote but dont state exactly what the labourer cost is, the reason I ask is money is very tight at the min ( as it is for most people ) I also recently got made redundant and therefore I am at home most of the day everyday therefore what skills do you need to be a plumbers labourer? and how much is this likely to save me? because if it is something i could do i would rather do this to help save me a little money.

Many Thanks.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Bathroom Fitters

Can vary as much as the actual plumbers labour cost, labourers may be paid anything from £60 a day upwards, not being a plumber I can't say exactly but personally would pay my labourers around £100 a day depending on job.
However whether the plumber would allow you to labour for them is a completely different matter, I'd imagine most may not be keen on a customer working alongside them, if perhaps there was any prep work you could do yourself to save some of the plumbers time that may be an option.


Answered 15th Nov 2012

I very much doubt that any plumber would want the customer to labour for them. I certainly wouldnt want customers trying to help. Its a non starter in my book. If you havent got the money don't do it. Simples! If you get a plumber mad enough to agree to it you will need to set out IN VERY CLEAR terms how much the price will be with and without your help. I firmly predict that will end in a fall out between you and tradesman.


Answered 15th Nov 2012

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