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Can i paint diluted matt emulsion onto silk emulsion(that i put onto newly plastered walls!!!)

Hi, i need urgent advice. I had my walls replastered 2 weeks ago. I waited about 2 weeks to paint. Instead of using matt emulsion i used silk emulsion(which i now know i should NOT have used!) I have LIGHTLY sanded the walls down(not to the plaster.) Do i now use matt emulsion or carry on with silk emulsion as i want my final coat to be silk?
Any advice would be very much apreciated!

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Just carry on with the silk, problems only occur when you mix the two. e.g you have used silk for the mist coat then matt for the final finish, this will end up cracking the matt finish. But if you have mist coat in Silk then that is fine (on this occasion) as long as you are using silk for the final 2 coats of paint. You should always mist coat in matt, NEVER silk but you have done it now so you will have to carry on unless you want to go to the effort of sanding back to bare plaster # time consuming! WHATEVER you do DO NOT now apply another mist coat in matt paint as it will end in disaster if not now but in a few weeks time. If you have sanded down your 1st coat then just apply another mist coat in silk then apply 2 coats of silk in choice of colour


Answered 15th Nov 2012

DO NOT USE SILK paint on new plaster, this seals the plaster and does not let it breath, the plaster might look dry and will be dry to a point but still needs to breath for some time. the fact you have used as a mist coat wont be as bad as you have watered it down.


Answered 16th Nov 2012

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