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Can i put emulsion on new plaster board ?

Can I put emulsion on new plaster board and build it up to a good finish ?

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The answer to your question is yes but you will need to put on a mist coat first. This is a mix of 50% emulsion 50% water. The mix will allow the new plaster to absorb the extra water out of the paint rather than absorbing the water in emulsion which will make the paint peel in a few years time. You will see why its called a mist coat once you put it on. Please don't put PVA in the paint!!! Then once the mist coat is dry the use normal emulsion with a small amount of water to help with the flow of the paint.
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Answered 28th Oct 2013

Good advice above. Easy fill is a bad of powder filler witch you would find along with the plaster in most stores, and the tape is plaster's tape its like a mesh. First coat of paint. 50% paint 25% pva 25% water. the one top coat of full paint and job done.


Answered 16th Nov 2012

Indeed you can. Tape the joints and fill with easyfil. Sand down to a smooth finish.

Plasterboard will soak up the paint so cover the board first with diluted pva.

Once this has dried paint away.

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Answered 13th Nov 2012

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