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My builder hasnt tied/cut the brick work of the extension into the existing brickwork of the house. is this acceptable?


I am having a kitchen extension built on the back of my house and i have noticed that my builder hasn't tied/cut the brick work of the extension into the existing brickwork of the house. they have just laid them next to it and put a mortar joint between them. Is this right/acceptable?

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Its acceptable to building control as they arent so much interested in appearance but any builder worth his salt will be toothing existing brickwork so the extension appears as though it was always there. Sounds like your builder isnt that great as you have also posted a question about charging VAT despite not being registered!!


Answered 15th Nov 2012

I have seen many extension build , you are right that you should be concern . Should be take out half brick work replace full brick joint up or metal tied scrap on, mortar only for filling if use metal tied scrap . You should speak to building inspector or building control and report what you have notice.


Answered 13th Nov 2012

from a technical point the existing house wall has now been made into an internal wall by having an extension allowing water penetration from the existing house wall into the new build
rectified only by installing a vertical DPC into existing wall or by doing it correctly and toothing the brickwork in the first place


Answered 29th Jun 2018

Most builders will tooth out the brickwork to match the existing building they can be numerous reasons why it can't be done it some cases the job we are working on the existing building is out so it's running down trying to match the existing will not only mean the brick work will be out but the further we go up with the brick work we will end up with about a 5mm bed if not less


Answered 2nd Jan 2019

Not really.Lots of people do this and it will be tied to the house but for appearance purposes,this is poor.My opinion is that the extension should look like its always been part of the house,not an add on.Not continuing with the brickwork by stitching them is a bit half arsed.


Answered 13th Nov 2012

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