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Painting/repairing wooden window frames

I would be grateful for any advice anyone can offer re the following:

We have double glazed windows installed in old wooden window frames which are starting to rot.

From what I can see the rotted area isn’t too far advanced (the worst window has an area of rot of maybe 4 inches at the bottom of the frame - the rot also extends to the sill and a few inches of wood inside the house is also soft) so I’m assuming repairs can be made with filler (rather than have the frames – or parts of them – replaced).

What I wanted to know was:

1) Whether this would all be in a day’s work for an Exterior Painter, or would we be told to get the repairs done and to contact him when we were ready for the painting?

2) Would I be correct in thinking that the procedure would be

- remove all rotted wood

- apply timber preservative (to area surrounding the rot? or should the whole frame be sanded and have preservative applied?)

- filler inserted (I suppose a professional two-part filler rather than polyfilla or whatever)

- paint

- sealant


Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi My Name is Derek
1. the Frame needs to be completely try before you start doing any repair
2. You need to treat the wood using wood harder its a liquid makes the wood very hard before you start any filling .
3 You can remove any rotten wood but some times is not sereneness
4 its one day work = two half a days
Use allays two part filler there is some amassing produ. on the market see dulux Shop


Answered 17th Nov 2012

I would use the Repair care system. available from Dulux decorator centres. All rotten timber should be removed. this product cannot be sanded down so needs to be finished of before it sets. it comes in 1 hr, 4hr, or 16 hr setting times.get someone who knows how to use it to do it for you.


Answered 2nd Apr 2013

There are 2 ways to carry out this repair, using either a 2 Pack chemical filler, or the Window Care System Epoxy Filler,
Either way, the decayed, soft timber has to be removed, by the use of chisle or window care router. Area of repair has to be at around 12% moisturte content,
Prime area with appropriate primer for the system being used, fill slightly proud of the surface, allow to fully harden, sand down, prime and paint.
Allan Timber Window Repair Co


Answered 5th Dec 2012

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