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Which boiler should i get?

Hi there I moved in to a my new house 3 months ago and the boiler was temperamental when we moved in and has now broke completely it is a heatline s30 need I say anymore! The pump needs replacing and no doubt when that is fixed something else will. We have been shown a few boilers and two of them look okay they are the Ideal logic+combi 30 and the Vokera vision 30c. When we told the man in the shop that we live in a 4 bedroom,3 storey house and that the boiler was in the cellar he said they should be ok but maybe we would need a bigger pump. We are very confused by it all and would appreciate any suggestions,thanks Claire.

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worcester bosch all the way
if we fitted for you 7yr warranty


Answered 8th Dec 2012

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