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I need to box in a boiler, how much space do i need??

Hi there,
I'm doing a job, boxing in a combi boiler and have had concerns about how much ventilation it needs. Its a vaillant eco max combi boiler and have spoke to the guys at vaillant and was informed that as its a combi boiler it doesn't need ventilation, However, they did say there needs to be a minimum of 500mm from the front of the boiler, to the doors that access it for servicing reasons. The problem is this can't be done as the boxing will be massive and will just look utter rubbish in the area it is in. (is this a strict guidline that needs to be stuck to??)
My girlfriend not long ago had a new vaillant combi boiler fitted in an existing boxed in area with door and the space between the boxing door and the boiler is only 200mm and it was fitted by gas safe engineers obviously.
On this job, i can only have a gap of 100mm max and i just can't see why that if its not a ventilation issue and only for servicing reasons, why i can just put some doors on it, and removable shelves below so that it can easily be got at if i ever needs servicing.
the guy i'm doing the job for has left it to my discretion so, obviously i don't want to get this wrong.
Any help would be appreciated.

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i think you have misunderstood what the valliant seviceteam are saying ,take a look in the installation instructions ,you can fit a door infront of the boiler with as little as 5mm clearance but need 500mm when the door is open to access the boiler ,would need probably 200mm below and above and 5mm either side as a rough guess


Answered 2nd May 2011

Hi there,the space they are talking about is so that an enginner can get access to the front casing so you can have a door practically touching the boiler casing.
If you have the instructions at hand they will guide you as to space required on either side of the boiler as well.....


Answered 2nd May 2011

Hi there,
You can fit the boiler into a unit but the service engineer will need to access to the front access panel of the boiler for servicing. Ventilation is not the issue.


Answered 3rd May 2011

refer to the Manafacturers instructions , thats the bible we have to abide by


Answered 12th May 2011

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