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We have damp patches on ceilings since having roof insulated. often damp smell in the house for years before the roof insulation. poss condensation, which tradesmen should we contact for advice? hythe

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You havent said wether its a flat or pitched roof.
It could be many things, but sounds like lack of air flow, in roof space.
If its a flat roof and has been filled with insulation that would be the problem, lack of ventilation.
Best really to get a builder/roofer out to properly diagnose.
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Answered 2nd May 2011

i agree with BJD sounds like no air flow through the roof space the answer is to get some air vents fitted.


Answered 4th May 2011

Pitched roof then get a roofer in to fit some Tile/Slate vetns to the roof so there is some air flow in the roof space? have them fitted on all sides, low and a couple high. The guys above are right, quite a common problem now with roofs being double insulated, the eves vents get covered, in older buildings they used to leave a small gap around the soffits to allow air flow, but now they are blocked up?
That should sort it out?
O yea the smell for years could be the C/heating? warm air rising and when it hits the top ceilings, warms the plaster and causes damp patches, this could happen even in a ventilated roof space? hot meeting cold = moisture? insulation required above the ceiling, that done, now ventilation. That will sort it out.


Answered 18th May 2011

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