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Tripped lights - not working after we have turned it back on at the fuse box

The lights in our sitting room have tripped, we turned them back on at the fuse box. But still the lights don't work, all the bulbs have "gone" - there were 5 bulbs. When we try & put new bulbs in it trips the electrics again. Any advice would be welcome.. :)

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due you e saver lamps, if one is fault this will course it to trip.



Answered 12th Nov 2012

Hi there.

Is it the R.C.D or the breaker that’s tripping out?

Firstly remove the lamps (bulbs) from each fitting. A blown lamp can cause this depending on how it blows. Then see if the power stays on. If not ensure all light switches are off then try again.

If the power stays on try each lamp at one light fitting to test it.

If the power won’t come on then there’s a fault within the circuit.

This should be an easy job for an Electrician.
Hopefully it’s a faulty bulb. Hope this helps



Answered 12th Nov 2012

If its the RCD thats tripping then its either a neutral to earth or live to earth fault. Not easy to check without a test meter, but should be an easy fix for an electrician.


Answered 13th Nov 2012

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