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Loft clearance advice needed

Hi, we have just bought a house and we are clearing out the loft to but new insulation down. There is rubble that has fallen down from the roof of the building, do we need to replace the roof, the cement or can we put kingspan on it then board over it?
Also, we are wanting to put flooring down once re-insulating, how do we know if the wooden beams are strong enough or would we have to strengthen them first?
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You will have to clean the floor first. Install RSJ's and new floor joists before laying a floor. If you boarded out the floor it would be additional load on cieling spars which are not supposed to carry any additional load apart from the plasterboards . The roof should be ok but best to get someone round to look at it before starting. When you insulate leave 50mm air gap between kingspan and tiles. You will need 150mm kingspan overall. As you seem quite unsure I take it you haven't served a building regulations application either. You will need this as you are structurally changing the building. To work out floor joist whatever span half it and add an inch.. so 12ft span would be a 7 x 2 joist


Answered 12th Nov 2012

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