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If a plumber was hired on for a job to upgrade the central heating in a family home and was fired 5 days later, before he was able to complete the job, is he obliged to reconnect the gas pipe to the gas fire as part of the original contract?

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No. Once your fired everything is terminated. You do not say if he lost his job due to his boss or if you chucked him off for being hopeless. A important question would be the reason for dismissal. If it was theft or incompetence are you sure you want him in the house.

Secondly, he would have no obligation to pay for anyone else to finish his work.


Answered 12th Nov 2012

was it safe to connect the gas?

if he hadnt finished the system then the boiler would be no use (in most cases depending on boiler

why was he fired?


Answered 12th Nov 2012

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