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Sulphur smell in house when toilet flushed or sink drained.

We seem to have a weird situation here, we're getting a funny smell in certain areas of the house (like upstairs in the bathroom when the toilet is flushed downstairs) or when the tap is run downstairs in the kitchen sink you get an eggy sulphur smell from the plughole. We've had a new bathroom fitted upstairs and the smell is in the bathroom aswell..

We'd love to know how to get rid of this smell from our house? Is there any services that we can use to clean out the entire system of the house? or do we just need to get some specialist cleaning products to flush/pour down the system to get rid of the smell?

Thanks in advance.

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Good morning,

In our view, you don't need cleaning company or any big company to check your entire system.

You might have problem with the recent bathroom work or building work.

If someone merged out let pipe and blocked the gases vent for all the toilet and bathroom drain ( normally you can find out side of the house or flat with grill covered on black round pipe ) and at certain height.

When you flush this solid and fluid west dropped down and guess goes in the air via this vent.

Do not spend money on the cleaning company or BIG Specialist.

Basic honest check from some local drain company and your job done!

I hope the above information is helpful.

Please do not this is not legal advice but Just and our opinion from experience.

All the best



Answered 6th Dec 2012

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