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Which door threshold strip to buy and where from?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Carpet & Lino Fitters

Depending on the flooring you have down goes a long way to the correct answer to this question .
Many company's including your local flooring shops will be able to assist you in this .
For example if you are looking for a strip between two Carpets you should be looking for a Double Door Bar <teeth either side> And then you have the the choice of colours and materials ie sin brass or brass coloured - more money solid Brass or silver .
As stated to answer the above question a little more info would go a long way


Answered 26th Nov 2012

I definitely recommend not going to local DIY stores to buy door strips as they will be double the price that you can buy online or if you are getting your flooring fitted then ask your supplier or fitter who can provide this very cheap or in most cases free of charge as they get the material on wholesale prices. Hope this answer helps.


Answered 13th Jun 2013

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