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How much to fit replacement kitchen doors?

I'm looking to buy replacement kitchen doors from Kitchen Door
How much to measure and fit them please?

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How many doors / drawer front are there?


Answered 1st May 2011

Hi, all depends on how many you have. If it was me, i would charge you on a day rate for how long the job takes and a good carpenter should easily be able to put all the doors on in a day, so it depends on what they're rates are where you live.
Post the job on here and get some quotes.
Hope this help and good luck.


Answered 1st May 2011

Make sure that you acquire the correct replacement doors etc, as time spent modifying will result in un-economic use of time and labour cost.

Also consider if you are wanting to install soft close hinges,child locks and handles.

A day rate of 150.00 to 180.00 could be expected.

Hope this is helpful.


Answered 2nd May 2011

Wrong forum.
Put your request on 'Post a Job'



Answered 1st May 2011

hello cost of doors depend on style and materials but for a vinyl full height door ie:715x495 £15 for a drawer door £8-9 if you are in my area just send sizes


Answered 2nd May 2011

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