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What are plumbing materials?

Hi There,

I have received a few quotes for a bathroom refit for labour only I am providing the bath, sink, toilet and shower cubicle and radiator, tile adhesives and grout & tile backer boards, all the quotes are broken down as follows


Plumbing Materials……..£150-£230



Each tradesmans quote is understandably slightly different as I understand each person’s labour charge would be slightly different, can someone tell me what Items the plumbing materials are? I am assuming they are fixtures & fittings for plumbing the pipework like various copper piping & and sealant and a few other items but what are these?
The reason I ask is on my quotes the plumbers materials quote vary from £150 to £230 but as they are all doing the same job I cant understand why there is £80 difference in the quote for plumbing materials, unless the person with the more expensive quote is trying to make a little on the plumbing materials.
Also can someone please advise me on what plumbing materials would be needed for a bathroom refit? ( the bath, sink, toilet, shower cubicle & radiator are staying in the same place ) because I would rather buy these myself If I can save some money.

Many Thanks

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When submitting a quote for a bathroom it is very difficult to quote exactly. A lot of the time the existing pipework is concealed and therefore the condition of that pipework is unknown. For a plumber to guarantee old pipe work is like asking a mechanic to guarantee your engine when he's only changed a tire. So they will try and quote for all eventualities. When fitting a new suite it always best to replace any old worn fittings, pipe work and waste traps. Ensure service valves are fitted on every appliance for future maintenance like changing taps and don't buy cheap suites. They are cheap for a reason and it will take your plumber longer to install them costing you more in labour. If in doubt ask you plumber to recommend a local reliable merchants. Ensure all electrics are sound and conform to current regulations.
Once you have chosen your suite ask your plumber if he can get it cheaper, he can normally get you some discount.

AS Plumbing & Heating

Answered 13th Nov 2012

AS Plumbing & Heating

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You are asking for a tradesman to carry out works. If he prices too low he looses out, so a factor is put in for financial safety. After all, the tradesmen are trying to make a living.As opposed to supplying labour only We cannot be expected to make a shopping list. Secondly, if clients get their products from some suppliers the stuff is so poor that it cannot be used, and guaranteed.

Answered 10th Nov 2012

pjb plumbing & heating

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All quotes vary quite a lot sometimes. Do you shop in the market or at harrods. some trade prices vary so much , in my trade dulux trade paint is a lot more expensive than say leyland which can mean a lot more for materials.Just bite the bullet and go with who you think is the most competent.

Answered 10th Nov 2012

Proctor Decorating

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Hi there , when ever you work out a quote for a bathroom / plumbing job it is very difficult to quote exactly, all the time you have to allow some extra money/time for unknown situations, as lot of the time under the bath or floor boards you find existing pipework fitted wrong or the old fittings are damage/worn and therefore that fittings/pipe you'll have to change in order to deliver a good quality job and to protect yourself for future problems (leaks). So the quote would may include a unknown situation but nothing significant When fitting a new suite it always best practice to replace every old fittings, pipe work and waste ,traps ensure the plumber also would fit iso valves on every cold/hot water pipe for future maintenance like changing taps . Make sure all electrics are caring on by a competent person and conform to current regulations.
Once you have chosen your suite ask the plumber if he can get it cheaper, he can normally get you some discount some times and why not having an advantage of that ..
And the important part, check the feedback he got for similar job would help a lot

Answered 29th Jan 2017

ACF Plumbing&Heating

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I think that there is going to be some extra money made on these plumbing materials, The norm for any bathroom fitter would be maybe put a little extra on, or about 15-20% but they should be able to work out costs if they have seen the job. They would price for copper pipe, waste pipe, waste's, flex i isolation connections and the odd end feed copper fittings (usual pennies), if paying for taps as you didn't mention that might come from there but i think if your providing all sanitary £230 is very high..

Collum property services

Answered 11th Feb 2013

Southport Bathrooms

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Simply answer is you pay for what you get. If you want a quality job then unfortunately you have to pay for it. So really it all depends on what sort of finish you want.

Materials for plumbing are very hard to account for as every job is different and no one can forsee any problems that could arise so it's always best to try to cover these by means of extra cost.

Especially in a bathroom refit, the pipework which is most proberly hidden could be in a bad way, and also if it's older plumbing being modernised things like isolation valves and TMVs etc will need to be added.

On top of that you may need to replace flooring, tiling, plaster and general making good.

My advice would be to pick a tradesman you TRUST go with your gut instinct. I'd like to think most good trades mans wants to earn a living but also want to make sure their client gets a good job and value for their money.

Good luck with your build hope it goes well and your happy at the end of it


T&M Plumbing and Heating

Answered 17th May 2016

T&M Plumbing and Heating Services

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In general I recommend to the clients, the best quotes regards the materials with high level of quality and warranty and also other quotes with a lower level of quality with cheaper materials. Therefore, it is the clients' choice what they decide and what they accept regarding the different prices. Most of the clients are cancelling the jobs or they accept the price offer and after they re-post the job advert on website in order to provide a professional worker.

Answered 22nd Sep 2016


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when we quote for work we offer the customer small parts required to complete the job. These parts are usually the parts that no one sees. the customer does not know they are required. When we give the price for these parts it we quote for an product that is middle of the line. average price. we tell the customer we can get cheaper or more expensive. we also receive certain discounts on different brands. So if a customer is unsure which parts they prefer until the commencement of the job we will give them an estimate of the parts say £100-£150 this is saying if we purchase the cheap brand it will be £100, if we buy most expensive then closer to the £150.

Answered 1st Dec 2016

Ideal Plumbing & Electrics

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