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My neighbour has raised the height of his garden by approximately 3ft higher than mine.
They have a 2ft plus concrete base with drainage pipes that discharge to my garden. On the base they have decking and a large summer house. ( 18x9)
The summer house has a gutter and down pipe with the run off sprout about 6 inches off the decking, it faces my fence. Approx 1 ft away. When it rains the water runs from the drainage holes and the gutter discharge like a river through to my garden causing flooding to my garden and as I’m on a slope the water is running and settling against my property wall.
Was my neighbour allowed to raise his garden like this with drainage directly in to my garden and secondly the run off from the summer house, should this go into a drain/soak away.
What can I do?

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The cheapest option to start with is to approach the local-authority. Report your neighbour to the Planning Department - as the neighbour may be in beach of planning - Building Control as they would not have allowed the drainage, and Environmental Health with regards to the flood. If none of these may help, then it becomes legal and expensive.

A Building Surveyor would help you get a resolution to your problem.


Answered 5th Nov 2023

Speak to the local authority as he is not allowed to divert water into your garden.


Answered 5th Nov 2023

No they are definitely not aloud to drain water into your property. I would start off by approaching the neighbour to see if you can resolve the problem between both of you. If that fails I would go to local authorities to deal with it.


Answered 16th Nov 2023

The first thing to do would be to speak to the neighbour. Be polite as what you are reporting is reasonable and the neighbour may not even be aware.. In most cases any damage to your property caused by this your neighbour would be liable for, however I suggest you try to resolve it peacefully without going straight to any authorities! If the structure was erected by a tradesperson they may have overlooked the issue, either that or they just wanted to take the money, this is also common! Either way, your neighbours may realise that this isn't acceptable and either get someone to rectify it or you could call someone yourself.. Personally if I turned up to your house and identified the problem I would knock the door Personally and explain the situation to the neighbours in a way they could understand. I would also think of a solution and offer them a quote. This wouldn't cost you anything and it would likely get me a job! I realise not every trades person may be this competent, nor have the sales experience I have but give it a try! Find someone reputable with half a brain and you should resolve this issue amicably.




Answered 25th Nov 2023

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