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Gas cookers in kitchens without doors/windows opening to outside air. uk regs

I have a kitchen with a conservatory built over what was formerly the external door/window. I need to replace a freestanding cooker (which has a cooker hood vented to outside). According to a gas safe fitter I cannot have a new gas cooker because of the lack of an opening exterior door/window. I see from Gas Safe TB 0005 (A) that an openable window OR EQUIVALENT is required as well as a mechanical extract device. I have the latter but finding out what is the equivalent of the openable window is proving difficult. BS 5440-2 :2009 might provide an answer however I don't have the £156 to buy a copy from the BSI. Can anybody help?

Thanks for the reply. The house is as we bought it. There is one external wall with an extract fan fitted. TB 0005 (A) first page under para 'Ventilation requirements' has a table (apparently BS5004-2 Table 6 (part). The column on the RHS of the table states "Openable window OR EQUIVALENT (my caps) also required". There are notes (A) and (B); (A) suggests that apart from permanent ventilation an additional vent may be placed in an exterior wall instead of a window/door. Note (B) suggests that where no openable window/door is available "other products shall be sought". I have been unable to find out details of what other products. It appears that the regs are not quite as cut and dried as you suggest and I would be interested in your comments.

Thank you PJB. I am not trying to find a clause outside BS 5004-2 but a clause within it. So far what I have read suggests that a resolution is possible. Alas I don't have access to the relevant BS documents , nor do I have the £156 needed to purchase a download from the BSI

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Sounds like you have cocooned you kitchen. According to the current gas regs, You require an openable door/window, direct to outside, minimum requirement. If you do not have that your snookered. I would not put my name on a open flued gas appliance in that situation.

On reflection, Table 3a of Gas Installation Technology by R.D.Treloar on ventilation tables of flueless gas appliances states domestic oven, hob or grill with any heat input irrespectible of room volume has a mandatory requirement of an openable window OR alternative acceptable opening includes adjustable louvres or hinged panels. ( that means the windows most people no longer have and that i have not seen in years as any burglar can get in.

As a gas safe engineer i would not give a landlords safety certificate to your situation, if it would not comply.

On reflection , this unit you wish to fit is a open flued gas appliance, one that can produce carbon monoxide if the burn takes place wrong. Im not sure that finding a clause to aid fitting a gas appliance outside of british standards is a good idea, as plumbers are currently serving time in prison when jobs wrong and people suffer monoxide poisoning. If this gas cooker is already in use for heavens sake get a monoxide alarm.


Answered 13th Nov 2012

Not sure if this is an option in your situation but if you remove the internal door between the appliance and the exterior door/window this would probably be ok for most fitters. (would possibly make a note on your certificate to this effect)


Answered 11th Nov 2012

You would need a vent either between the kitchen and conservatory or a vent direct to outside .

The vent will be calculated on the combined floor space of both rooms .


Answered 9th Sep 2019

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