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Tiling a bathroom

my plumber has been putting the adhesive onto the tiles instead of the wall and some of them sound quite hollow when tapped is this ok ? or should I querie it ?

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sounds like hes dot and dabbed the tiles.If he hasnt got full coverage then the bits behind the tile without adhesive will sound hollow.


Answered 7th Nov 2012

No this is not ok the adhesive should be spread onto the wall this gives you a better bond,dot and dab will end in failure with cracked tiles,make him remove the tiles and do the job right or get a pro tiler in.Ps Roc Builders is incorrect you will have to apply the adhesive to the wall first before you butter a tile if needed this gives a strong bond just buttering a tile and fixing to a wall will in time fail the buttering method should only be used for occasional awkward tiling position as set by British Standards Roc builder,your comment said park plumbing was exact when it was not, in general buttering is not the done thing I said occasional buttering which means as a last resort . The adhesive should be spread onto as much of the wall as possible, you should not give bad advice I would suggest you stick to building I dont give people incorrect advice about building as this is not my trade, as they say each to there own,that is why you are confused:(But it still dont make it right its better to be a one trick pony and know what youre talking about Mate !


Answered 19th Nov 2012

Hi, if there hollow it sounds like he's dot and dabbed the tiles on which is wrong. You can put adesive on tiles and stick them on the wall but there has to be enough adhesive to cover the whole tile.


Answered 7th Nov 2012

All these answers are correct but park plumbing is exact.You can "butter" the tile if you need to but the coverage has to be 100%.Blobs of adhesive in places is not adequate.Ps in reply to ag fright,whilst i bow down to your 150 years expierience,your comment doesnt make any sense.You say the butter method is for awkward areas,which is correct and then you say you should also put adhesive on the wall.If you can get it on the wall,why would you butter the tile? And is this only awkward areas that you do both????????????????? im confused.Oh,and i wasnt the only one that didnt preach the british standards so thanks for being the only one mentioned:) As said before mate,i dont have the same amount of time served as you,but i do happen to have spent a lot of time with some exceptional tilers AND happen to be qualified myself:) Not everyone on here is a one trick pony and we will leave it at that.


Answered 18th Nov 2012

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