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Heavy stone mosaic wall tiles

Hi I've got quartzite slate mosaic wall tiles for my kitchen (12 small on mesh). I know I have to treat them with impregnator but can i do this before my hubby sticks them on the wall or do we have to wait until they are attached? Also as the tiles are on mesh they are quite heavy so any advice on keeping them in place while adhesive takes/drys.
Many thanks

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Hi, seal them before otherwise you'll end up with them looking patchy if you get adhesive on them. When fitting mosaics i put a few nails in the gaps of the top row and tack them up whilst the adesive is drying.

Hope this helps.



Answered 7th Nov 2012

Go to topps tiles and purchase some mosaic mesh sheets.They are self adhesive and stick to the back of the mosaics. These will ensure the mosaics don't sag


Answered 29th Dec 2013

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