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Moving a stud wall?

Hi All,

I have a slight dilemma,

Recently we have tiled a small downstairs cloakroom, fitted a new toilet, basin etc. However now we are looking at having a small extension at the back of the house and I would like to move the cloakroom to there.

As the cloakroom is just a stud wall would it be possible to move it keeping the existing tiling, or would it need to just be broken and a new 1 constructed.

Many Thanks,

2 Answers from MyBuilder Bathroom Fitters

hi the wall would need to be taken down and a new one built


Answered 8th Nov 2012

Any thing is possible, but looking at it in simple terms, imagine what it's going to take to move the wall without damaging the tiles and compare it with taking it down and rebuilding it...

The tiles, adhesive and grout is going to be very heavy, then the timber, the plasterboards and the insulation...

The physical moving of it is going to very hard.

Detaching the wall from the wall it stands against, the floor and the ceiling is going to be very tricky to do without breaking tiles too.

The time it would take to do all of this, especially without breaking tiles is going to be an age due to the delicacy of not breaking the tiles, moving the wall and then refixing it where you want it.

Or, you take that wall down in a few minutes, and then put a new one where you want it and retile...

I'd go for the latter!


Answered 7th Mar 2017

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