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Hi I'm after a bit of advice, about 4 months ago I noticed some damp on my kitchen ceiling/wall. My bathroom is above my kitchen so its very possible that its a small leak from the bathroom, ok the floor has to come up in the bathroom that's not a big deal, but if its not the bathroom leaking the plumber would have to start digging into the kitchen wall taking down kitchen units etc may end up being a bigger job. How do I get a quote if we don't know how big or small the job is. Is it by the day or the hour or the job. It really isn't about not wanting to pay to much, even thou I don't. Its about can I afford it. Does the plumber take down the kitchen units and plaster/make good after or should I forget the plumber and be looking for a builder. This damp patch is about the size of a very small dinner plate or a saucer minus the cup lol. The damp doesn't appear to be getting any bigger. I would really appreciate some advice. Many thanks

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I would recommend taking a section of the cieling down in stead of the floor up. This way you'll not need to disturb the bathroom, and it will be simple to repaire the leak as you'll see it. also section can be patched in and skimmed over. Get well sheeted up and there will be little mess and it can be painted over after a few days. I would get a builder.


Answered 6th Nov 2012

Hi there
Yes you are better to take down a small area of ceiling. Move all food products away from the the area below where the damp patch is and then cover all areas with sheets. Now cut the area on the ceiling where the damp is out and take care cutting the area out as you could use it again. Check pipe work and repair. replace the small piece of ceiling and plaster over. Let dry for a few days and then sand if need be and paint. This will give you an idea if you won't to try it yourself. If not it's a builder your better with than a plumber.
Best regards
David Mccaig
DJ property trades.


Answered 7th Nov 2012

Sounds like something in your bathroom is leaking, plumber will be able to sort it


Answered 6th Nov 2012

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