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my floor to floor measurement of 2650mm and i want a 13 up stair,but my risers come to 221.46mm witch go past part k building regulations.We can not reduce the floor to floor height so what needs to be done to ensure the above complies with part k thanks.

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To be honest, I wouldn't worry about 1.5 mm on your rise - I very much doubt your building inspector will ever measure it.
Can't you add another riser, or will this make your stairs too long?
Have you allowed for your ground-floor floor covering - if you're having 20mm oak flooring etc that will reduce your overall height - just a thought.


J Chappell Joinery & Renovation


Answered 7th Nov 2012

Your only just outside the limits, not even 2 mm. So, in that case if its not being inspected, I would carry on, if it is being inspected, I would have a nice chat with your building inspector. 2mm is nothing, and given time the timber will contract by the 2mm involved anyway, other than that, no alternative but to put in another rise , Chris


Answered 7th Nov 2012

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