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New central heating system

Hi there,

We have just purchased a property that needs a new central heating system, at the moment it is a three bed detached house, 1 bathroom, 2 receptions & kitchen, we are hoping to extend in 3-4years so we want to make sure the system we fit now will be sufficient for our future plans.

There is a cold water tank in the loft that I would prefer to get rid of, firstly is this a costly job?

Secondly, we also want to move the hot water tank from the bathroom into the loft - is this usually possible?

And thirdly, we are hugely confused about what system is best for us, we have friends who are running a three bed house on a combi boiler but I don't think with the extension this will be 'strong' enough, and as we are putting in a new system we would like the best results we can get, pressure wise and in terms of efficiency...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi, Both water tanks can be removed when you get your combi done. Combi boilers come in a range of powers which can be sized to fit your future requirements.


Answered 6th Nov 2012

All depends on number of bathrooms to be used simultaneous .
40 kw Combi boiler can easily satisfied heating and hot water needs of most 3/4 bedroom houses (pending heat loss calculation)
But if there is more then one bathroom to be used at same time ,no combi boiler can deliver enough hot water instantly, then ideal option is System boiler with un vented hot water cylinder. Ideally with integrated second fast recovery coil for possible future solar thermal installation.
That will guaranty mains water pressure at water taps evenly at all of them.
Al-do Incoming mains pressure should be checked including water rate l/min.
If incoming mains pressure is too law , options are to increase size of incoming main (water supplier) or install additional buffer thank to maintain constant pressure and rate.
Yes your cold water tank can easily go in loft.
More precise CH/HW design can bee done only after proper survey of building and intended occupancy use.

Hope this helps bit.

Kind regards
Z Maric


Answered 6th Nov 2012

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