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No heating to radiators downstairs

Valiant Boiler (fitted 2010 to existing 25 year old water and heating system - no previous troubles with systems) the boiler since October 2012 has at times showed F23 fault /relit on switch - no heat to 3 of 3 rads downstairs plumber called.

Pump reversed - system bled still no heat downstairs heat to upstairs fine. Various agents added to system to clear any blockages left for a few days -result still no heat to downstairs rads. - fluid is clear.

Boiler is on the ground floor, existing tank and a New Pressurised system (together on first floor) installed two weeks ago - shows 1.75 PSI - New Pressurised system installed as the 3 rads downstairs still did not work. We however did for a short time have heat in the 3 rads downstairs - fluid is clear - In the morning rads downstairs still dont work.

We now have intermittant heating to rads on first floor to 3 of 4 (4th is in loft space and ok) - Hot tap water fine - have Grandfos UPS 15-50 130 pump installed - and new by pass valve - any ideas as we still cannot get the rads to work and I do not want to repipe due to cost/agravation decorating and young family.... Help!

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You may find it's a case of balancing the rads. Try turning off all the upstairs rads and see if downstairs ones get hot. If so then turn all the rad return valves off then open half a turn. It usually works. Water will always take the easiest route and a fully open rad would be that, by restricting the flow through the rads the pressure is evenly distributed.


Answered 24th Sep 2013

pump seized up


Answered 7th Apr 2013

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