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Patch up damaged render or re-render the whole building?

I recently bought a seven year old house and have come across problems with the external pebble dash render. Initially it was just the ingoes in the doors and windows that seemed to be defective but I have since had a (partial)survey done and it appears that there are blown areas of the pebbledash as well. The area above the front door, a large area below the living room window (at rear of the house) and a long stretch of the bell-cast have been identified, but I fear that there may also be areas higher up the walls that are affected as well. The property is still under the NHBC guarantee and I had one of their surveyors round three weeks back. He only detected problems with the ingoes and dismissed the matter as something I would have to address myself. I am obviously going to get back to the NHBC, because the issue here is shoddy workmanship. What I would like to ask is, do I have a case for asking for the whole house to be re-rendered? I expect they will fob me off again and tell me to get the blown areas patched up, but the house is still relatively new and I don't think that would be reasonable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Depending on just how bad the patch is I would go for a full re render of the wall that way you will have a peace of mind that the job has been done to a higher standard from the shoddy work that they left you in


Answered 8th Jan 2013

I agree with previous answer, it shouldn't have blown in 7 years life expectancy on dash renders is approx 15 -20 years when done properly I would definitely get on to nhbc they are paid for a reason to check workmanship in a lot of cases they arent that bothered
good luck


Answered 20th Apr 2014

Hi I would also keep on at nhbc to have the rendering re done the problem with patching render is you don't know how much needs patching until you start taking the loose off and the patch will always stand out.


Answered 31st Jan 2019

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