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Scottish tiles - replace or just clean?

Hi, I am in an upper-floor 1911-built flat in Scotland. The original kitchen area extends out from the rest of the building and has a quite shallow slope, so over the years the felt has become mossy and is now very degraded; we have worsening leaks inside. We've had four roofers look it over and they are evenly divided on recommending (a) replacing the original Scottish slate tiles and (b) "dressing" them and putting them back. One who favours dressing and resetting them says we would lose about 10% loss of the original tiles. Our favoured quoter who recommends replacing them will use Spanish Samacas. Apparently Scottish slate tiles are no longer around. The "replacer" is asking £600 LESS than the "cleaner" (but this may be down to scaffolding).

Despite asking the roofers, we don't really understand why the difference of opinion. I'd be grateful to hear any thoughts on this issue. Thanks.

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the answer is really in the quality of the tiles, brethable membrane if copper , aluminium or galvinised nails are being used the scottish are a better quality tile having been on the roof for aver 100 years, the spanish ones will only have 32-50years life span,
the original tiles re-used you will realistically loss a third,even on new slate you allow for at least a 5% loss.
would be asking what the cleaner is putting on your roof as replacements for the damaged slate that is un-usable
by far the best are still welsh slate but will cost you anything up to £70/00 per m2 the spanish are about £25.00m2 breathable membrane is the same cheapist £27.00 best £164.00 then their is the size of the lathes if copper nails are being used,
you cannot compair unless the material used are of the same quality.

even if your old tiles are not used someone will buy them and depending on the size and quality will pay £1-£2 per slate

hope this helps good luck alex


Answered 6th Nov 2012

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