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Staining wooden floors - looking for an ebony colour

Hi All,

We are looking to stain our wooden office floors to be ebony in colour, everything has been prepared but we are struggling to find the right stain or at least every stain/varnish we have tried for EBONY makes it look almost like black paint - which removes the natural wood grain feel and is perhaps a bit to dark black.

We have tried using dark oak and other colours but they all come up a bit to brown.. we're looking for a dark wood floor colour similar to this: but arent looking to make it completely black like this:

Do we need to be mixing the ebony wood stain with a lighter colour or diluting it with clear varnish? Or should we just look to find another supplier for the wood stain that has a ligher finish?

How should we go about doing this?



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Try, have used them to get the colours I want on many occasions.


Answered 11th Nov 2012

Have you tried a product called osmo oil. This product comes in many diffrent colours including Ebony and is very easy to apply. It takes a little longer to dry (24hrs) than most nitro stains but it produces fantastic results. You then finish with two coats of clear osmo oil to protect colour.


Answered 9th Nov 2012

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