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My boiler is losing pressure/radiators hot when running hot water!

Hi, Firstly, I am having to re-pressurize the boiler every couple of hours (with no obvious signs of leaks) and also, when i run the hot water -the radiators get warm whether you want them too or not! (even when boiler is set to 'hot water only')
I've had many,many parts replaced, including the pressure relief valve - and I'm questioning the pcb (as almost everything else was replaced!) At my wits end with this 8 year old alpha c27 boiler - need help! (or a new boiler!)
Thanks, Jo

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Hi Joanna, you Dont need a new boiler just some attension.
Check that the pipe going through the wall under boiler to outside isnt leaking if it is it reqs a PRV and also the boiler reqs a divertor valve or service kit to sort out the hot water (rads getting hot issue)
Hope this helps
Andy Styler
Astech Heating & Plumbing


Answered 3rd Dec 2012

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