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Slate substitute

I have heard of a slate-substitute - called something like calcite? - which is apparently easier to work with and a better look-alike than ceramic. Has anyone heard of this material (for floor tiles)?

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No the best and most durable substitute is porcelain ,but you cant beat the real thing ,try brazillian grey/green black or multi sealed with lithothene stainstop and cleaned with easy care


Answered 1st May 2011

While conceding with the previous opinions, Eternit SA manufacture synthetic Cambrian black roof tiles, which are extremely durable and relatively simple to fit. As far as I can tell these are still available, sometimes to order as they are of Belgian origin.


Answered 5th May 2011

Calcite is an alternative but in my opinion is not as
superior as slate . Despite the rumour slate is actuallyvery easy to
Install , the most economic appears to be Indian slate : check out
3baytiles if you have eBay access . The cleaning and sealing process
Is a little long winded but once done is long term and easily topped
up by using a cleaner and integral sealer ( just mop)
Hope this helps
Absolute Building Force


Answered 19th May 2011

I would agree with previous comments, better to buy real slate than a subsitute. I recently finished a job in North Wales using Indian slate which pretty much shows how inexpensive it is... it's cheaper for the local tile supplier to source from Asia than from one of the numerous Welsh slate quarries nearby! I had absolutely no problems fitting it to the floor & the customer was exceptionally pleased with the finished result. The sealing & cleaning can be a little laborious but the final result makes everything worthwhile.


Answered 26th May 2011

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