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Leak into walls and cupboard

I had a leak in my bathroom which has been found and repaired but itresulted in the walls, a cloak room cupboard and wall under my stairs & staircase bein saturated, how long will it take to dry out with industrial humidiyfers and will the plaster have to be hacked off and all wooden skirting in order to do a proper redecoration job as I am insured, or will everything dry naturally with central heating and time.
Appreciate all replies. Thank you

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it depends how long the water has been leaking, if there is no black on the plaster and not flacking or powdery then the heating should dry it out fairly quickly with no need to repair but if the plaster but if the plaster seems dusty or flaky then a new patch of plaster is required, good luck


Answered 3rd Apr 2014

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