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Electrical condition report or visual cond. report?

I've just bought a repossessed house, some light switches are really old fashioned. I was going to get the elec.condition report, but as its quite obvious theres some age to the switches, would it be more beneficial pricewise just to get the visual report to clarify if I need a rewire or not?

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Visual condition reports are really a waste of money. They are not objective and are no substitute for a full Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Its a bit like taking your car for an MOT and the mechanic just looking at it and not testing to see if the lights, horn or brakes work! - i.e. there could be serious safety issues but your unaware as they have not been tested.

Any property built before 2008 is likely to have some defects and not be fully compliant to BS7671:2008 electrical standards.

For your own safety get a full EICR. Many electricians will refund the cost of the EICR if you end up using them for a full rewire should it actually need a complete rewire that is.


Answered 4th Nov 2012

without seeing the job i would expect the wiring to be at least as old if not older than the switches. A decent electrician can give you a verbal assessment of your installation and tell you if a rewire is needed free of charge without the need or expense of a written report. Regards Andrew.


Answered 1st Nov 2012

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