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Rain coming through window screws

Hi, we have just fitted a child safety lock onto the bottom of our upvc window. The window is a large bottom opening 'fire escape' window. We have found that when it rains water is coming in through where the 2 screws have been fitted onto the actual window frame (not far from the handle). The water is then settling on the window sill. How can we solve this problem. We know from previous experience that this can be resolved but don't know how. As when we first had the windows fitted we had problems with the handles on a few of the openers on other windows (due to the extreme weather water was coming in through the handles) the window company drained the water out of the handles but we don't know what they did then to resolve it, but we have never had a problem since?

We have this weekend put silicon in the holes/on the screws. Will see how they go when we get the rain again. Thanks

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The uPVC window is divided up into different compartments in side, one of these compartment is designed to disburse water (a drainage channel). if this is blocked water will fill the other channels up inside the frame. Hence the leak from your new child locks, If you drill a 5mm hole through the front edge of the window (external face)drill pointed down to the ground stopping before you hit the sill, this will relive the water and stop the leak.


Answered 28th Nov 2012

Have you tried buying a silicone cartridge for a mastic gun and pumping the holes?! This should block the water whilst allowing the screws to bite.


Answered 5th Nov 2012

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