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What adhesive should i use?

I am going to remove the existing tiles from the bathroom walls and re-tile. Because it is a bathroom do I need a waterproof adhesive? Also the ceramic wall tiles are quite large (248mm x 331mm x 7.8mm thick) Someone said that they would be too heavy for a ready mixed wall tile adhesive and I should get a powdered adhesive. Not too sure whether he is right! Perhaps a professional tiler could advise and recommend a brand of adhesive I should buy?
Thanks so much.

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As ceramic, but sized,
your tiles are on the edge where is needed an strong adhesive (which are cement-based, powdered).
Personally will go for that with no doubt.
Also if your walls are boarded stud-work you should use a flexible adhs.
Most of them are waterproof but to be honest you can use where risk areas which will be enough,
also good quality grout and silicon is an issue,
way to lay tiles, way to grouting, etc.

I will go for Mapei, Ultra, Ball.

Hope it helps.


Answered 2nd Nov 2012

Ready tub is ok for up to 300 x 300 ceramic,but would advise powder.


Answered 2nd Nov 2012

Powder adhesive is the best as long as you unibond the walls first.


Answered 8th Nov 2012

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