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Lukewarm water through electric shower

Our 9.5kw Gainsborough electric shower is suddenly only producing lukewarm water when the temperature is turned up above 'cold' (I assume it would be cold as normal if I turned the setting down, but in this weather I haven't actually tried that!). One morning, it worked perfectly well, and then now it's permanently having this issue. I find it confusing as the water isn't stone cold as you would expect if some thermostatic part was totally bust. Can anyone advise what could be the issue, please? And whether it would be a pricy thing to fix...Also, would we need a plumber or an electrician to fix this - I'm not sure who to call with electric shower problems!? Thanks for your help.

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a lot of electric showers have two elements for heating and it sounds like one of them has failed. usually it means replacingthe heater tank inside the electric shower but quite often if its a cheaper model your better off just replacing the shower. It will be a quicker job and fully guaranteed. (If it was installed pre 2008 you probably should think about uprating to current regs i.e. RCD protected if it is not already)


Answered 1st Nov 2012

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