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Platering in a bathroom

I had to take painted wallpaper of my bathroom wall as mould marks began to appear on the paper. When I took down the paper there was mould on all the walls. I have decided to put up a skim of plaster and paint it. Is there any special plaster I should use and how should I then paint it.

Thanks in advance

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If the Mould has impregnated the plaster you will need to remove it I'm afraid as its in the substrate and will keep coming back, you could try a sealant or special paint that covers mould but how effective these products are I don't know,,,if you don't have an extractor fan fitted that runs after you turn the light off, this would be a good idea, the mould should not return.


Answered 1st Nov 2012

the room more than likely is badly ventilated and that would be the cause of the mould . its where dampness cant escape. re skimming will only temporarily resolve the problem.


Answered 5th Dec 2012

There is a new product on the market and has been available for a couple of months now called dry rods you drill into your wall and insert the rods on the instructions this will help but you could use thistle dry-coat it's a damp proof plaster. But venalation is key


Answered 21st Jun 2017

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