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Best method of priming/sealing osb before hanging lining paper?

I've had an outhouse built as a playroom. I'd like to decorate with lining paper over the interior 18mm OSB walls and finish with emulsion. The construction is watertight and I don't expect any leaks or damp. The area is 6m (w) * 3m (d) * 2.8m (h). As well as the walls I want to finish the ceiling the same way. I appreciate the OSB texture may be visible underneath the paper on the final finish but the paper and emulsion is prefered to painting the OSB.

I need advice on the best method of priming/sealing the OSB prior to papering. I've seen forums suggesting oil based primer and I've also read that PVA will do the job.

The PVA route seems like less work and may be cheaper. For any advice anyone can offer it would really help me to understand the number of coats needed, PVA / water dilution and any recommended brands. Also, given the large area to cover whether a roller is going to be as efficient as a brush. Plus of course any additional sage wisdom anyone can offer.

Thanks in advance.

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My suggestion would be to use pva solution , or a water down paste to size the walls. That will do the job nicely


Answered 1st Mar 2016

OSB is water resistant so I would just size it using a watered down wallpaper paste using a roller as you say.


Answered 10th Nov 2012

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